Ginza Honey Bee Tour(English Version)開催中

Ginza rooftop honey-bee tour(English version) will take place weekday(30min-1h)



Ginza Rooftop Honeybee Tour


Ginza Honey Bee Project(Ginza3-9-11 Kami-pulp-kaikan10F)




10 pax (if more than 10 ppl,it costs 3000Yen per person+10000yen room fee,translator needed,We'll speech 2h about Ginza Honey Bee Project)

Please arrive at the registration area before 10 min. We will guide the participants to the rooftop of the building.

NPO Ginza Honey bee Project located at the 10th floor Kami-pulp-kaikan 3-9-11 Ginza Tokyo.

In 2006, the Ginza Honey bee Project began beekeeping in Ginza. Tasting nature from the delicious honey and through enjoyable activities with friends and family, we realized that in the middle of the city we were learning how people and nature co-exist.

We do not know what is happening in the woodlands, mountain recesses or the oceans nor do we know who is endeavors to bring us food. We are discussing about these issue so that we all share.

we are holding an English language Honey bee tour so people around the world could learn about Ginza Honey Bee Project.

The English language honey bee Tour will touch upon the Ginza Honey bee Project, honey bees and greening of rooftops. Ginza has become greener as advocates made farms and “bee gardens” on the rooftop of their buildings. We aim to make the city a more enjoyable place by cooling down the Urban heat island with greenery.

Please do come and visit the honey bees and try our honey. By doing this you will support the farmers and make a contribution to the environment.

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